Server Virtualisation

Virtualisation is a viable option that enables you to run and manage multiple computing resources in an orderly, interconnected fashion allowing you to save money by giving you additional leverage power over your existing IT equipment and resources. Besides the myriad of benefits that virtualisation provides you, Wallis Computer Solutions, allows you to move from a reactive mode to a proactive plan of action in optimizing a backup and recovery strategy that is customized to your needs.



Virtualization empowers you to reduce IT expenses!



Besides saving on physical space needed for server hardware, power and cooling of multiple servers, your end users will be much more productive because you won’t have the expense and stress from downtime. In addition, you’ll be able to lessen the datacenter footprint that can include all sorts of costs like diesel generator costs, UPS costs, network switch costs, rack space and that floor space that you would love to use for something else.

Endless possibilities exist with server virtualisation 

There are a wide array of benefits that will support server virtualisation:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Right-sizing for existing workloads
  • Versatility with reboots
  • Disaster recovery – or any kind of application recovery can be done much faster and easier
  • Increased efficiency through standardization
  • Optimized process improvement and manageability
  • Streamlined information sharing between virtual servers
  • Maximizes security and regulatory compliance
  • Seamless transition to the cloud
  • And much more
Our team works with the best server virtualisation solutions available including VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.
Wallis Computer Solutions has server virtualization solutions that will fit your needs. Speak with us today to learn how we can design, implement, and manage your IT systems. We combine technical expertise, unique proactive support, and industry leading partners to provide country WA businesses with world-class solutions and support. 

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